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This web site is not being updated - use Jubilee Debt Campaign instead

Although this JDC web group is dedicated to the campaign for debt cancellation, it will not in itself be sufficient to relieve poverty without more just and equitable WTO agreements.  For those interested in supporting this campaign:- 

World trade rules are loaded against poor people and the environment

Trade Justice Parade

Help build a new movement for trade justice at the 

 A coalition of NGOs has formed the Trade Justice Movement (comparable to the origins of jubilee 2000),  

More info from all NGOs and at http://www.tradejusticemovement.org.uk/

 (In fairness, these are the main links I am aware of but look at any of the NGO sites and you will probably find WTO initiatives).

Health before wealth
Oxfam have a petition primarily aimed at the WTO TRIPS agreement which blocks access to generic medicines and economic treatment of disease, especially AIDs.  Sign the petition at http://www.oxfam.org.uk/e-campaigns/unclesam/uspetition.html
WDM is focussed on the WTO GATS agreement on services see http://www.wdm.org.uk/campaign/WTO.htm

Trade for life

Christian Aid http://www.christian-aid.org.uk/campaign/trade/trade.htm

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