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Sales of Tape 

A small stock of tapes is available should you still need them

15 rolls of Barrier tape

70 rolls of parcel tape

email me at with quantities and your address but no cheques at this stage.

All other information below is still relevant:-

Manchester WDM are having barrier tapes (the plastic tape used to act as a barrier around holes or police cordons) made with the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY logo

Barrier tapes are 250 metres long (3 inches wide), ideal for wrapping around buildings, trees, along railings or as pennants in the wind to advertise the campaign. 

Parcel Tapes are 66m long 2 inches wide and sticky.

The price will be 

Barrier Tape -7/roll 

Parcel tape -2/roll

Unfortunately p&p would be another 5/roll for the barrier tape (50p for parcel tape, or nothing if posted with a roll of barrier tape).  

P&P ( By Parcel Force in fact

1 roll 5

2,3 rolls 8

4,5 rolls 10

6-12 rolls 12 


Orders in boxes of 12 rolls will be shipped free by the supplier!  But only in multiples of 12.

For Parcel tape, the box size is 72 rolls.

For larger NGOs/Groups, please do consolidate orders where possible to ease my packing posting burden!

Please make cheques payable to Manchester WDM and send to

Dave Pearce

13 Old Hall Rd




 Contact Dave Pearce 0161 428 9929 or

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We are also exploring flags and banners.  More information on the tape and the flags will be posted here on our web site

  Last edit 05-12-05