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Manchester WDM

this is a website for WDM group in Manchester

The Jubilee Debt Campaign Theme 

Write to Tony Blair or your MP -see write to

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Zambia Condemned to Debt!

This WDM reports illustrates how IMF conditionalities have ruined the Zambian economy and thwarted the will of their democratic leaders!

More info Zambia

Call for Change

JDC's report shows it would only cost 3/person/year for the UK to cancel its share of the World Bank/IMF debts.  Zambia Condemned to debt

For more info -Call For Change

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Find addresses for MPs, MEPs, Ministers and Committee members

Write to Gordon Brown and Baroness Amos

Insist that the MDG's take priority over debt Service

UN Conference secures $12bn increase in aid.  See News

Campaigning works

24,000,000 people signed the Jubilee petition

That  won $100,000,000,000 of promised debt cancellation.


That's $4,000 per signature!

50,000 people went on the Cologne march.  

That G8 meeting added $50Billion of debt cancellation.


That's $1,000,000 per person! 

Genoa G8 2001

To find out more about what campaigning achieves

-Campaign achievements

- Impact of HIPC


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