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This web site is not being updated - use Jubilee Debt Campaign instead

The slide show is a self running PowerPoint presentation on the concept of a new world order (after September 11th),  and a responsibility for poverty reduction.

It takes about 90 seconds to run.  It requires PowerPoint, otherwise don't waste your time.

It can be viewed directly; however over a modem - this takes a couple of minutes


Two versions of the slideshow have been created

- version for sending to friends and supporters

- version to send to MPs, MEPs and decision makers

wpe16.jpg (114488 bytes)

click to see the slideshow 

To run over the net (you can always save it after it has loaded - go to 'save as' and then select file type  PowerPoint Show .pps for self running)

To load the slideshow - Jubilee Dream self run show  for supporters  Jubilee Dream MP for MP version

You can circulate it to friends etc, by emailing them the links for the supporter version or for the MP version

To download the (self extracting) zip file - these are .exe and may conflict with your system security.

bulletclick - Jubilee Dream - zip for supporters or Jubilee Dream MP for the MP version
bulletWhen the file has been downloaded, just click on the jubilee-dream.exe
bulletThis will extract the file (you can use the default location or chose your own directory)
bulletThen either click on the file jubilee-dream.pps 
bulletor you should find an icon on your desktop