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The Jubilee Debt Campaign (UK) is a coalition of regional and local groups and national organisations, supporting the continuation of the Jubilee 2000 debt campaign in the UK for the cancellation of the unpayable debts of the poorest countries through fair and transparent processes,  
Jubilee + is committed to
bulletdeveloping a new, more accountable and transparent process for sovereign lending, borrowing and debt negotiations - with human rights at the centre of its focus;
bullethighlighting and developing policies for financing development in a more self-reliant way, without recourse to dependency on foreign donors and creditors;
bulletopening up international financial institutions

The Debt channel (part of the ' provides a wealth of campaign and news information on the debt issues world-wide
Link to the World bank and its Mission statement on poverty reduction
Link to the IMF HIPC information
Link to the World Bank HIPC program

European Network on Debt and Development

Excellent source of reports and data on debt

UK NGO reporting on the World bank and IMF
Bank Information centre

Another (USA) based NGO reporting on all World Bank activities



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