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Debt = Poverty
Facts on Debt
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Find out how Debt = poverty

The 1 billion poorest people, living on less than $1/day pay the richest countries $64M every day in debt service

These poorest countries will not meet the Millennium Development Goals -to halve poverty, infant mortality and access to clean water

Enhanced HIPC

In 1997 the World Bank and G8 promised to cancel $100bn of debts

But as the graph shows, that was only about a half of the debt of 41 countries, and only 25% of the debts of the 52 countries with un-sustainable debts.

But it is the debt payments (Debt Service) that really hurts when you are poor!

This chart shows how little reduction in debt service has been achieved by 2003

Where did the debts come from?

What does the jargon mean?

What is the History of debt?

see Facts on debt

all illustrations by BRICK

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