Debt = Poverty
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What the debt means 

The poorest 42 HIPC Countries (Heavily Indebted Poor Countries):-


Give the rich countries $64 Million every day


Spend more on debt service than on health or education


Over 19,000 children die every day (due to debt) 


Over 1,000,000,000 people live on less than $1/day

Health and education for the 42 HIPCs
bulletDebt Service is more than Health and Education  together
bulletEducation is 3.1%
bulletHealth is 1.3|%
bulletDebt service is 4.9%

bulletfewer than half the children have any education
bulletParents have to pay for school, for the lessons, the books and the paper.
bulletSchool fees are more than 30% of the average earnings for every child
bullet7 million children die from infectious diseases every year
bullet1 in 5 children do not reach the age of 5
bulletWithout money, a child is turned away from a hospital to die on the doorstep

Poverty leads to
bulletpoor health and low life expectancy
bulletpoor education and prospects
bulletpoor government and corruption
bulletinjustice and abuse


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