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Debt data
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The attached tables have been created to bring the campaign database up to date. They are easier to study as a spreadsheet - JDC Web Group Data Tables

The sources are all World Bank /IMF published reports or UNDP assessment of the progress on MDG goals

The tables provide

countries Debt MDG
HIPC - 42 countries Debtstock both EDT (nominal) and NPV poverty
Jubilee 2000 +11 countries Debt Service TDS Education
 World bank classified Low Income, Severe Debt +4 HIPC status Gender Equality
  Population. GNI and av income Clean Water
  Aid (ODA and OA) HDI -Human development Indicator
  HIPC status  

Conclusions from any statistics is 'subjective' but on a first pass:-

bulletFor the 42 HIPCs, they still pay $6.8bn debt out of $14.25bn aid  (48%).
bulletThe Debtservice for the 52 J2000 countries is still $23bn the same as it was when J2000 campaigned (actually $23.037bn to $23.398bn -but the figures aren't that accurate)
bulletOn the basis of progress on MDGs and the HDI ranking, the following countries shown yellow should be included - 

Which countries should be included in the campaign? 

World Bank -severe debt/Low income UNDP low HDI    (HDI rating) HIPC -'Sustainable Debt' TDS debtservice


Angola Angola -161 Angola 1,205
  Bangladesh -145   790
  Kenya -134 Kenya 481
Kyrgyz (102) 173
Indonesia (110) 18,772
  Nepal -142   100
Nigeria Nigeria -148   1,009
Pakistan Pakistan - 138   2,857
Tajikistan 88
Vietnam (109) 1,303
  Yemen -144 Yemen 221
bulletAny country with a low HDI or failing to meet MDGs should not be spending money on debt payments.  So Angola, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan and Yemen should be seeing debt relief.
bulletWorld Bank assertions that Angola, Kenya and Yemen have 'sustainable' debt burden misses the point!  Poverty reduction and human development should take precedence over debt payments.
bulletPakistan may be a special case with debt relief being determined as a 'political' benefit!
bulletIndonesia was included amongst the J2000 countries.  The UNDP assessment claims that Indonesia is on track to meet the MDGs.  
bulletKyrgyz and Tajikistan are also classed as severely indebted and there were reports that they would be included in HIPC.  It would seem that debt relief for these two countries is being considered within a broader regional package CIS 7 see CIS7


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